Adding Shirt Item with Options?

Hello, I am trying to set up a new item on my site (new Square user here). I am a shirt maker. I have a shirt that I need to add some variations too, but between the option sets, modifiers and variations, I cannot figure this out at all. Can someone please send me in the right direction? 


What I need for the shirt is for the customer to choose:

  • Shirt Type options: Youth, Adult, then choose 
  • Shirt Style options: Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Crewneck, Hooded, then choose
  • Sizes: Youth or Adult (based on what they chose earlier)
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Square Community Moderator

Hello there @khepburn, and welcome to the Seller Community


Thank you for sharing the details of what you needed as that helps Community Moderators and other Sellers here better understand your situation and provide solutions. 


For this one, I am going to recommend setting up the items using Modifiers.


There are two types of item modifiers: a text input box and a list of options. You can use modifiers with item variations to create products with a range of options for your customers to choose from. 

Community Moderator, Square
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