Do the swiper and contactless readers have useful lives?

I have 2 reader/swiper set ups. they have been working flawlessly for almost 4yrs. about 2 weeks ago one of the contactless readers stopped working. I have gone thru all the normal troubleshooting steps. tonight I tried the 'reset reader' process again as instructed. I ran a dummy transaction, used my own ATM card, and again it didn't work.  When I hit "charge 1.07" on the tablet, the single green light on the reader blinked 2 or 3 times, then went to 4 red lights and it said to remove the chip card.. the card was not in the reader.  I have tried everything.  the swiper is also failing. I swipe the card, and get the "card not charged, swipe straight thru" over and over.   Do I need to order 2 new units? 

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Re: Do the swiper and contactless readers have useful lives?

Hey! Thanks for asking. I would say that after 4 years, your readers have had a good life and it is time to order new ones. For reference, we expect our readers to last at least a year under warranty. Also, from working with many merchants, I typically see them last much longer, though the lifetime of a reader varies drastically between sellers; it is all dependent on the environment that the reader is in. 


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