Offline mode enabled - but can't load square?

This is something of an issue for us. Sometimes the internet is not available. So use offline mode right? Well, sometimes also the tablet isn't charged. This means you need to restart the square app. Which displays a nice red bar with "offline mode" at the top but only "Failed to load square" with a retry button in the main part of the screen making it effectively useless.


Our business is one where you pay at the end. So this can be an issue. We believe it has led to one of our older staff members to leave because it got her flustered. There can't be a good reason for Square not to be able to cache whatever its downloading and proceed in offline mode (even with warnings). Square, please fix this!


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Re: Offline mode enabled - but can't load square?

Hi there @Richy_T. Welcome to the Seller Community, and congratulations on your first post!


This certainly doesn't sound like the way our app is supposed to function while in Offline Mode. We really want to make sure you and your staff are able to take payments without any of these issues, even when the internet connection isn't great. Can you please reach out to us so we can work through some troubleshooting and get you running properly?

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