URL changes after viewing Cart

(I'm using a custom domain for my shop)


Can anyone explain why the URL changes to a 'squareup.com/store/store-name' once you've added something to the cart, then either remove that item, or just click Continue Shopping?


I'd like the custom domain to be displayed at all times.

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Re: URL changes after viewing Cart

Hi there. 


While custom domains or subdomains can be configured to direct customers to your Square Online Store, when you configure your domain this way, the Square Online Store simply replaces the information and content that was showing at that domain address and home page.


This isn't something that's on our roadmap for our Square Online Store, but I'm happy to document the request with our product team. 


It might be worth checking out our offered e-commerce partnership solutions in your Square Dashboard Apps tab to see if it fits your needs a bit better. 

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