When I try to connect my chip reeader I get a 'reader update failure' message

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Following instructions to conect chip reader it starts to connect then I get a message reader update failure???

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Do you have one of the older chip readers or a new one?  The older ones probably won't work anymore and that may explain the failure to update the reader.  Otherwise, make sure that the reader is inserted securely into whichever device you're using (and if you have more than one device, try plugging the reader into a different device to see if it works with that one.)  If you're using a smartphone with a case, the case may be keeping the reader from being inserted completely into the port.

Next, if none of the above work, click here to go to Square's troubleshooting site for the reader.

Finally, you can contact Square's support team:


You'll need your customer code to call.  Follow the instructions below on how to get it.

Go to Square's support page.

Click “More”

Click "I don't see my issue"

Click "Call Support"

Write down your Customer Code

Call 1  855  700  6000

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I'm sorry trying to connect wirelessly to my Google Pixel 2xl   it will show connected then reader update failed. I did pull case off and made no difference. Doesn't seem like I have had the reader that long to be outdated. The little chip/slide square plugs into to my IPad 2 and works fine. Just wanted to attach the wireless chip reader to my phone as backup to I pad 2 and I know I can't connect wirelessly to the IPad 2 .

Thank for info on how to call support  maybe reader is outdated

Thank You   

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@tdw6974 I see that you were able to call our CS team. Were they able to help you troubleshoot this? Resetting the reader could help. To reset the reader:

  1. Charge the reader for ~20 minutes.
  2. While it's charging press and hold the button on the reader for 20 seconds or until the 4 lights stop blinking red.
  3. Press the button again to turn the reader on and look for lights on the reader.
  4. Four orange blinking lights indicate the reader is ready to pair. (But if you still see red lights you've pressed the button too long - and you can try resetting again.)

I hope this helps! 🙂


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Ended up having to replace reader  

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OK, I understand. Thanks for letting us know! 🙂 


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Just got brand new reader. The same problem. Uninstalling and installing app got it working. But when I closed and reopened app, the same problem again. I don't want reinstall app every time I close it (power off, reboot etc..).

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Hi there, @Jake2701 👋 Thanks for joining us here on the Seller Community! Happy to have you in the fold.


So sorry for the consistent issues you are experiencing with your reader. Definitely strange, indeed! Thanks for trying out those troubleshooting steps above.


Would you mind flagging this over to our Support Team? They will be able to take a deeper dive with you and see where the discrepancy lays. I think this may be the best approach considering the troubleshooting you've already attempted; I want to make sure this gets solved for you in a timely manner.


Let me know if you have any remaining questions! I am here to help. 

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If I have to replace the reader because it was outdated by security issues do I get reimbursed for that cost. $50 a pop is a lot of money.can you afford to spend $50 every time your reader doesn't work.

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