Anyone here hate how we have to add a variety of clothing colors and sizes?

I'm so sick of this platform I don't know what to do. The hassle of adding a variety of colors and sizes to clothing is such a hassle I feel like they did not make this platform for retail clothing at all. It sucks how we have to individually type in the amount of stock we have for each item as well as the prices. This **bleep** sucks and I'm really thinking about leaving. Does anyone know an easier way to do this crap?

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@SpillingTees ;

There are a few options you could use to speed up this.

1) Option Sets and Modifiers   - Here is a YouTube video on them.  Options and Modifiers 

      Here is more information from Square:  6689-item-options 

2) You can edit this all in a CSV file with a spreedsheet program like Google Sheets or Excel.

    Spreedsheets you can type in your Price and copy and paste it all to the same Category or variation depending how you sort your Spreedsheet.  Save on the clicking and saving between each new item you add.





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Yes. I’m just getting started and I’m overwhelmed by this lack of capability. I sell vintage clothing so each item has one size, and those sizes include women’s 0-20x and mens pant sizes which seem infinite, and basic S-XL, petite, etc. I can’t believe Square would not have some basic clothing needs covered. The options they do have seem helpful to lots of businesses, how did they not consider clothing? I’m hoping this was worth the investment, if not, thankfully I can cancel my trial, but sheesh, what a disappointment. It’s hard enough to cross list items, now square would be a whole other ordeal.

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