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This post will serve as a resource hub for those that are just getting started or anyone who is looking for additional tips on how to build and run their online store. Starting your online store or website should be fun and exciting, and I hope that the guides linked here will help remove any potential roadblocks and guesswork for you.



- See Examples of Online Stores Made with Square Online - This is a great thread if you want to see real world sites that were made with Square Online.


- Quickstart Guide for Online Stores and Websites - Not sure where to start? This guide will help you get your site up and running quickly.


- SEO: What to Know Before Switching to Square Online - If you're planning to switch from one platform to another, planning ahead will help you maintain your ranking in search results (and could even help improve it!). 


- Understanding Background Images and How They Work on Different Screen Sizes - Background images play a big part in the visual look of your store, and this guide will help you understand how they work and how to choose one that will look the best on any device.



If you haven’t yet started using Square Online, take a look at our getting started guide for Square Online first to make sure you’re ready to go. And for instructions on how to use different features of Square Online, see the Square Online help section of our support site.



Every other week, I take a look at a site built using Square Online to provide some tips and advice you can use when building your own. The most recent sites I've featured are Fatback's BBQ and Whisky Run Golf Course.



Have you seen the Square Online Beta Group? - You beta believe we have a Beta Group for Square Online. Sorry, I couldn't resist such an obvious pun. 🙃


Square Online Feature Requests - Have something you'd like to see us add? Suggest it on the Feature Request board!


Wait, who are you, Adam? Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste (no, not really). 🤓


Last but not least, we have a getting started webinar you can watch. This one is focused on setting up a one-page online ordering site:



Keep an eye out for more updates to this as more guides are added. Thanks for looking!


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