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any update on being able to display items that are only available for purchase in-store?

I need an option to display items on my website that are available for purchase in-store only. The only answer I see here is to list it as out-of-stock on my site. That won't work because indeed it is an in-stock item, but it is an item that the customer needs to come into the store to purchase. I have other items that can be purchased online for pickup, but I would like to include the in-store only options online as well. 

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Hey @EricaMerica, thanks for reaching out, I hope you are doing well 😊


The best workaround would probably be the duplicate those items with a $0 price, set the item fulfillment for pickup and put identifier in the title or description that these items must be purchased in-store. One downside of this workaround will be the inability to combine the duplicate item's inventory and reporting with your original item, those will have to be separate. I hope this was helpful! If you need anything else let me know. 


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