Subscriptions in POS

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Subscriptions in POS

Please integrate subscriptions in Point of Sale. Subscriptions are already tied to customers. It would be so helpful to see a paid or over subscription status when added a customer to a sale on the POS register. 
thank you!

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@KRSHealth Hello! We are getting close to a beta for Subscriptions on SPOS. We'd love to have you participate! I'll reach out to you with details. Thank you for using Square!

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Status changed to: Needs Beta Testers

Hey there, @KRSHealth - 


Be on the lookout for the Beta @jean_sq mentioned for this feature request. 


Thank you so much for bringing this to the Ideate Board!

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I would also like this to be an added feature!

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Hi @KRSHealth and @maria_atp - just wanted to let you both know that you can sell subscriptions through your point of sale! Check out this help article for more information on getting started.