Be Part of the Next Generation Square for Restaurants Group

It’s a good day when bar and restaurant sellers can “blow your guests’ minds.” That’s why I want you to be more than a user of Square products — I want you to be part of our VIP tester community.


Like Brooklyn operator Jonny at LoHi Roof Bar, maybe you've been dreaming about an easy way to open bar tabs for your customers – ending the nightmare of stashing guests’ credit cards behind the bar. As part of the beta program, Jonny’s bar had early access to credit card preauthorization, and he says it’s been “HUGE for his business”.  


Now it’s your turn to share your valuable feedback by joining the Square beta program. It’s a direct line into the ears of our decision makers and dedicated Food & Beverage product engineering team. Not only will you gain early access to our newest features while still in development, you’ll access hands-on US-based support. 


There’s so much we want you to see - new features your guests will love. For example, Plus plan subscribers will have access to Scan to Pay, which allows guests to checkout quicker with QR codes on receipts, leaving your staff time to serve more guests. There’s also a new way to keep track of all your orders during service in one single view on your POS. 


As a partner in a restaurant group, including the just-announced Amba Cafe & Rotisserie set to open this summer, I know this community can help all of us improve. So consider this your personal invitation. Submit your request to join the Next Generation Square for Restaurants group in the Beta Community. 


Sign up here today, and make your mark on the future of Square.

Ming-Tai Huh
Head of Food & Beverage, Square
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