Vendor Item Library: Quantity On Hand

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Vendor Item Library: Quantity On Hand

We would like the ability to see Quantity On Hand when we go to: 

Items -> Inventory Management -> Vendors -> select vendor -> Item Library


This will provide us with a quick way to see the quantity on hand, and be able to reorder products from the vendor. 


It would also be nice to see Unit Price and Export to Excel.


My mockup with Unit Price and Export to Excel: 

Exhibit 1.jpg


I know a workaround is Items -> Item Library -> Export to Excel -> filter by Default Vendor



As a retailer, we order products from different vendors. Many times, we order the same product (i.e. incense) from different vendors. Who I order from this month can depend on a multitude of reasons. 


1) Having to run a report, export to Excel and filter, to order from a vendor should not be necessary

2) Default Vendor means the other three vendors I order incense from will not show in the report

3) As a retailer that needs to reorder products from a vendor, seeing the Quantity In Stock on the Vendor's Item Library page allows me to reorder the amount I need quickly. 


Currently a purchase order can take hours to create, when it could only take ten minutes if we have the above. 

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I see that if you go to Items -> Item Library -> Filter by Vendor it will show you the list of products and quantity on hand, even if it is not the Default Vendor.


Could we get the ability to Export the filtered list to Excel? Or perhaps just print the list? 


Current workaround: 

Screenshot list. Scroll down the page, screenshot list. Continue until you reach the bottom of the list. 

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Status changed to: Reviewed

Hey there, @TCSlaguna - 


Appreciate the time you took to drop this request and the mock up you created for your business insights. This is crucial to showing our Product Team exactly what you're looking for. 


I marked this particular request as "reviewed", so our Product Team can evaluate this. 


Once more information become available, one of the Community Moderators will circle back to update the status again. 

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Vendor Based Inventory Management:

It would also be really useful to have a couple more data points by Vendor to use in inventory reporting.

Fields like "Minimum Stock Amount" and also "Minimum Reorder Quantity".

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Has there been any progress on the reporting current inventory by vendor issue? This is huge for me and I have been with Square since 2020. I know others have been waiting much longer. Are there actual plans for this? I am at the point with Square where I am considering switching to another POS again. It is THAT BAD.

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Hi @Laurenmer, unfortunately no progress on this since 2018


I understand your frustration, but I am hopeful that with enough interest forming it may eventually get addressed. 


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