Re: Epson TM M30 Thermal Receipt Printer

I recently changed from the TM-T82ii to the TM-M30 Bluetooth Receipt Printer

It works fine but sometimes the printer prints out weird unicode characters and then the printer stops working eventhough it's still connected to the app. And it happens in both Bluetooth mode and USB mode.


I have to turn the printer off and on again to fix it, sometimes have to do this twice or three times. But then after a while, it plays up again.


Not sure if it's because of the printer is not officially supported or because of connectivity issue between the square stand and printer.


Here are some photos of the faulty receipts: https://imgur.com/a/9BFPA99

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Re: Epson TM M30 Thermal Receipt Printer

Hey @nextchaptercafe, thanks for bringing this up and providing those images—that shouldn't be happening.


I went to check on this and, you're correct, the TM-M30 Bluetooth Receipt Printer isn't officially supported at this time. We'll update our Support Center as soon as we're able to approve more devices: Hardware Compatibility By Device.


In the meantime, you may want to touch base with Epson directly for additional troubleshooting tips. Hope this helps clear things up a bit more—appreciate your patience as we work to expand coverage.

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Re: Epson TM M30 Thermal Receipt Printer

It also worked fine on the epson ethernet printer but suddenly when i got home and tried to set it up i could not connect

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Re: Epson TM M30 Thermal Receipt Printer

Hi there, @Nickel777. Thanks for adding your voice here. As Tom mentioned above, compatibility with the TM M30 is not currently available yet. When there is an update to share in this regard, we will be sure to vocalize it here. 

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