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Location not available to add to item

We have found a possible glitch that has happened a few times. 

An item has been added to the POS stock by a team member that has nearly full permissions.


However, they are not able to add stock because the item will not add to our location by default. In stock adjustments it says "add to 0 of 0 locations". 

The ONLY fix is to go into the owner account and then the location dropdown tab is available to add the item to our location. 


This ONLY has happened to a few items added, otherwise the team has been able to enter items into stock without problem (1 of 1 location box is available to be checked).


I have gone through all team permissions and they have full permissions on everything except Balance, Payroll, Team permissions and Shifts. The only thing I can't adjust is the greyed out options in settings which do not appear to have anything to do with stock or locations. 


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Welcome to the Seller Community @Stacey218 👋

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having trouble adding your items, this definitely sounds strange, given that you mention that you only have one location. Are all your staff members assigned to the same permission set, and are these staff members adding the new items via their own devices, or a shared point of sale? 

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One has a team member permission and the other manager with the only difference being is that the manager can see shifts and permissions. Neither can see the location dropdown. They are using the store computer but under their own square account using their permission. Up until this listing they have never had an issue entering items into the pos because items add to the location by default. I just cannot find the setting where they can manage the location when entering items on the pos if needed as well. 

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Hey @Stacey218 stepping in our @Arie while she is out. I would recommend reaching out to Customer Support at 1-855-700-6000 squ.re/contactsqsupport.


We will need to look into the account and team settings, for account security we cannot discuss those details here. Our team can certainly help and if needed file a ticket. 


Thank you so much for working with us to get this resolved! 



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