Square Register software update 5/19/2023

So, is the automated chat completely worthless or what? 

This morning I had the option to update my Register software, or put it off until tonight. I opted to go ahead and update and spare the Saturday person who has an event in the shop already going on. 

After the update, my Customer terminal wasn't connecting. This has happened rarely, but a restart usually fixes it, so I restarted. It still wasn't connected, and then the orange bar at the top of the screen said the Customer Terminal need to be updated. How do you update the customer terminal? 

I touched that line, and it took me to  a Settings menu, where there were no software update options, but I had not yet signed into the register. The upper left said "Return to sign-in." When I touched that, it said, in that same spot, "Settings" or some version of "go to settings, settings menu," etc. That just toggled back and forth between those two messages, but there was NO menu at the bottom, and NO way to get out of that Settings area. I was stuck there. I restarted AGAIN, and this time the display worked just fine. 

So where the right place to REPORT glitches like this? 

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