Square Appointments: Can my customers use a discount code when booking?

Square Appointments: Can my customers use a discount code when booking?



I created a discount on all salon services on my website: www.sprucewax.com. However, there is no promo code field that customers can use to apply that discount when they prepay for a service. Is there a workaround for that? I'd like them to be able for them to apply a discount at the time of booking rather than having to discount their services manually when I charge them.




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Re: I have standard prices for my services, how do I change the price to reflect a discount?

Hi @janiced 👋 

While it is possible to apply a discount to a service when charging a client in-person for a service using the Square Point of Sale app, it's currently not possible for your clients to use a discount or coupon code when booking an appointment using your Appointments booking site - this is being tracked as a feature request at this time.

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Re: Is there a way to add coupon options for Appointments? We can't offer them with Appointments...

Currently there isn't a way for your customers to use coupons or promo codes for Appointments booked from your online Appointments booking site. We're tracking this feature request! 


In the meantime if you use Square Marketing to send customers coupons you can apply those coupons at checkout from Appointments app. (And you can create a discount and apply that at checkout when your client arrives for their appointment.)

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Hello @spruce! This is a great question.


Currently we do not have the ability to apply promo codes to prepayments. I see how this could create an incentive to drive business. We'll share updates on this request as they become available.


If you only require partial prepayments, you can apply the discount at check out for your customers. This is one work around.


Please let me know if you have any other questions!  

Chad, how would you set up Square Appointments to allow for partial pre-payments?


When in my pricing settings, I only see Fixed Price, Starting At, Free, Price Varies, Call Us and Blank.





@kevinharvell Welcome to the Seller Community! 🎉  I can provide some clarification on the post above. 


With Square Appointments you can adjust your online booking to have no restrictions, require prepayment, or Hold Card for No-Show Protection. You can access these settings from your Square Dashboard:

  • Select the Appointments Tab on the left side of your screen. 
  • At the top of your screen select settings. 
  • Then choose the sub-tab Payments & Cancellations. 

I'll make a correction on my previous post it should say Hold Card for No-Show Protection rather than "partial prepayment". From this page you can adjust the your online booking options!


If you have any other Appointments questions let me know, I would be happy to help. 😃

Sounds great, thank you for the answer.


I've made the respective changes that I think will work for what we are wanting to do, but hope that there will be some way to input coupon/discount codes in the future.

This would be a very handy feature to include. Some people only run online businesses so there is no other checkout process to apply a discount to.


Thanks for sharing, @mttstntn! I'll be sure to surface your post to our Product Liaison team as well. We're always making improvements based on seller feedback. 🙂

Hi Tom,


Do you have any updates about when discounts can be applied to appointments? Our business was really looking forward to this feature, since we are completely online and have no in-person transactions. We've been having to retroactively credit customers back and manually looking through appointment booking information to see if they've submitted a discount code in the "Additional Notes" section, and it would be much easier for both our customers and us if discounts could be applied to online appointments. Do you have an estimated timeline when this feature will become available?


Hi @greetlife. Thanks so much for taking the time to post in the community. I always love hearing from new sellers and what features would be most useful to them. While this is definitely a feature request that I've heard from folks - I have to say that it's not one of most requested. While that doesn't mean it isn't something that we may build some day, product development is a rather complex process. To pull the curtain back a bit on that process, please check out this thread. In the meantime, I'll definitely pass on your request for this functionality to our Appointment's Team. Out of curiosity, what time of business do you have that you use with Square Appointments? 

I am a photographer.  I have square as my 3rd party from my web site, so the customer can set up an appointment, that best fits them.  My question is.... i want to have a sale session for 2 days. 

Can i set up a Public event?  thsi would let the customers to choose a time only in the 2 days that i have set for this public event.


Does this help any


I went ahead and moved your post to this thread, @Morphis

There isn't a way to offer a discount to customers when they book through Square Appointments. There is a work around for customers that pay at the time of the booking. See @Chad's recommendation above.

Another option would be to manually reprice your services for the two-day period. This would allow your customers to book appointments at the discounted price (just remember to restore your regular pricing after the sale). 

I know that neither of these are quite what you are looking for, I'll be sure to let our Product Team know that you are looking for a way to offer a sale or discounts through your Square Appointments booking site. 👍