Calendar View is Blank - Appointments

When I go to my appointments tab, the overview is blank.  If I click on calendar next, it is also blank and nothing comes up.  There's no way to view the calendar, change views, nothing.  This has been happening for a few weeks with no results.


Latest version of firefox, chrome, and safari all show the same.  Cache cleared, computer restarted, and a completely different computer has also been tried.  No joy.

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Re: Calendar View is Blank - Appointments

Hey @RossfromMR, thanks for flagging this and I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble.


I just went to check on the Calendar tab for Square Appointments, and I'm able to view/make changes as normal. I happen to be using Chrome on a MacBook.


I want to make sure we get this sorted out as soon as possible. If you haven't already, please have a look at this troubleshooting checklist for any remaining tips that you may have not yet attempted — those usually resolve any dashboard issue right away.


If, after that, you're still having trouble — please let our Support Team know and they'll take a deeper dive into your account.

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Re: Calendar View is Blank - Appointments

Hey @Tom,


Thanks for looking but I've tried 3 browsers and 2 different computers - it's not on my end.  I did see another community post about someone having a similar issue with the invoices page, but I don't know if it is related or not.  I'm waiting for another reply from the Support Team now that I have started a new ticket with them.

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Re: Calendar View is Blank - Appointments

Hey @RossfromMR, thanks for taking the time to reach out to our Support Team. I can see that this issue has been escalated internally. We'll continue to reply via email as we receive updates. Appreciate your patience as we work to sort this out!

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Re: Calendar View is Blank - Appointments

I'm having this issue right now. Appointment Calender is white. Can't do anything..


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Re: Calendar View is Blank - Appointments

Hi @StellaMB, so sorry for the delay here. Are you able to see your overview screen ok now? If you're still experiencing any issues, please make sure to try a different browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) to make sure that isn't the issue. 

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