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I have the Square WooCommerce plugin install on the Wordpress site, they sync and are connected with each other but payments don't go through. I get this failed payment:


[0] => stdClass Object
[detail] => Missing required parameter.
[field] => card_nonce



Payments go through using Paypal though. But we would have loved to use Square...


I'm not a developer but even my developer can't figure this one out. I get that there is missing info but we don't even know where to start here.


Thank you

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Hello @Isabellep, I'm so sorry for the delayed reply—I wanted to check in as I noticed another developer brought up a similar issue recently and received an answer in this thread: Hi, I'm having a "card_nonce" error with WooCommerce, can anyone help?


For more details, have a look at Woo_Phil's reply. Hope you were able to get everything sorted out!

Tom [he/him]
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I just had the same issue. I know you posted yours almost a year ago now, so my information may no longer be relevent. But, for anyone else looking for ways to fix this issue, it may be a plugin that's causing it.


I followed the guide below, and tried deactivating all plugins (except woocommerce and square) and then I looked back and the checkout, and I could see that it was a plugin issue. Because when I deactivated them all the iframe began to interact differently when I entered information. Beforehand, when I entered the card information the spaces for the card number didn't automatically appear. Once I deactivated the plugins, they did. After I reactivated each plugin one by one, trying each time to see if the issue came back.


Here is the guide I mentioned: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-self-service-guide/#section-4


I hope this info is of some use to someone out there!


... and since posting this reply, I have realised there is another reply above linking to the same fix, ah nevermind! I can't delete this post anyway.

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Thanks for sharing anyway @tamsinlucie

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which woo plugin is best? "Woocommerce Sqaure" or "Square for Woocommerce"


We are using Woocommerce Square but we have some wholesale customers that we have to make square invoices for and i would like to get those transactions into QBO automatically.  There has to be a way.  Anyone have a clue?  thanks if you do!!!

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